Rochester Concrete Retaining Walls, Coping, & Steps

Rochester Concrete Products is the leading manufacturer of segmental retaining wall systems in the Midwest with the versatile look of the Classic 6 & 8 Wall system and now the new Vintage 6 Wall system that gives that classic look a more rustic appearance but keeps the ease of installation.

Seat Wall Coping
Seat Wall Coping 12″ & 14″
Vintage 6
Vintage 6″ Wall – NEW!!!
Chiseled Step Rough Bluestone
Silver Creek Chiseled 4′ Step Unit
Stonegate Wall System by Keystone
Country Manor 3 pc.
6″ Big Step Unit
Vintage 7
Vintage Wall System
Lakeland & Riverland FSW/SRW Wall System
Cottage Stone
Cottage Stone Garden & Retaining Wall
Classic Chiseled Face
8″ Classic Chiseled Face SRW Wall
Classic Colonial
Classic Colonial Wall System
6″ Step Tread
Classic 6″ or 8″ Wall
Classic 8″ Block or Base (str. or bev.)