Rochester Concrete Pavers & Tiles

Rochester Concrete Products barn plank tile revolutionized the paver industry in 2014.  Added to their collection of high PSI paver systems, Rochester pavers unique look and Silvercreek technology showcase the beauty and endurance manufactured pavers can hold.  Moderately priced, this paver collection is a great candidate for the do-it-yourselfer and contractor.

Barn Plank
Barn Plank
Travertine Ivory
Travertine Landscape Tiles (1.5″)
Slate Bluestone
Silver Creek Slate Tiles (1.5″)
Limestone Prairie Blend
Silver Creek Limestone Tiles (1.5″)
Granite Edger
Granite Edger
Bullet Edgers
Bullet Edger
Classic Edger
Broadmour Plank
Bullnose Paver
Bullnose Paver 6cm
Turfstone 8CM
Colonial Eco
Holland Eco Permeable Paver 8cm
Cobble Stone Paver 8cm
Fieldstone Layer
Fieldstone 6 cm
Heartland 6CM
Navarro 8CM
Serano Antique Brown
Serano 6 cm Paver System
Verano Beechwood
Verano 6cm Paver System
Genova Antique Brown
Genova 6cm Paver
Lamont Circle Kit (10.3′ Diameter)
Victorian Circle
Victorian Circle DIY Kit (10′ Diameter)
Rosewood Victorian
Victorian 6CM Square
Colonial 6CM Large Circle Pkg.
Colonial Antique Copper
Colonial 6CM Paver
Holland Desert
Holland Pavers 6CM
Pebblestone Round Paver
Pebblestone Square Paver
Dynasty Sierra
Dynasty Landscape Slabs (1.75″)