Natural Building Stone & Natural Stone Steps

Commonly referred to as dry-stack wallstone, wall stone is a natural way to create a seat-wall, garden wall, garden bed edge, or retaining wall in your landscape.  Larger "outcroppings" and steps are also used in landscapes for walls and grade changes.  Come see ours!

Sandy Creek Outcropping
Sandy Creek Outcropping
Niagra Outcropping
Niagara Outcropping
Weatheredge Calico Wallstone
Calico Weatheredge 8″ Snapped Wallstone
Natural White Step
Fon Du Lac White Steps
Colorado Red Steps
Colorado Red Steps
Eden steps
Eden Steps
Sandy Creek Steps
Sandy Creek Steps
Calico Steps
Calico Snapped Steps
Quarry Ridge Steps
Quarry Ridge Steps
Quarry Ridge 8
Quarry Ridge 8″ Snapped Wall Stone
Calico Wallstone
Calico 8″ Snapped Wall Stone
White Wallstone Thin
White 8″ Snapped Wall Stone
Kodiak Wallstone
Sandy Creek 8″ Snapped Wall Stone
Colorado Red Wallstone
Colorado Red Wall Stone
New York Blue Wallstone
New York Blue Wall Stone