Boulders & Accent Stones

Add a unique feature to your softscape with boulders from Midwest Decorative Stone.  From limestone boulders to glacial run granite cobblestones we have accent stones to add depth and color to your landscape project.

Granite Cobblestones & Boulders
Lavender Quartz Boulders
Lavender Quartz Boulders
Coral Boulders
Coral Boulders
Lava Rock Boulders
Lava Rock Boulders
Wisconsin Skippers
Wisconsin Skippers & Flats
Black Mexican Pebbles
Mexican Pebbles
Fieldstone Boulders
Standard Fieldstone Boulders (all sizes)
Cobbles & Granite Boulders (all sizes)
Weathered Holey Boulders
Weathered (Holey) Boulders
Aqua Bluestone Boulders
Aqua Blue Boulders